At we aim to simplify the process of insurance claim significantly reducing the efforts from the bank's end.

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Simply put, accidents happen. We can't completely get rid of them, but what we can make sure of is a legitimate compensation of the damages received at the claimers end. We add cameras to the vehicle for a 360 degree view of the vehicle. Furthermore, sensitive sensors are added that stores data relating to the position, speed, acceleration and force experienced by the car at any given moment. In case of an accident detection, we send off a 1 minute video length worth of data along with the sensor data to the bank for rightful investigation.

How works?

Since we utilize video and sensory data, we gather enough data for any investigator to analyse the situation better. It reduces both costs and efforts from Bank's end. But we required transparency, after all, a bank can always tamper with the video stored on its own server. To counter this we store the url along with the hash of the video on a separate public blockchain. This introduces transparency making a simple check sum of the video as a proof of tamper.

Who are we?

We are a team of aspiring developers looking forward to change the world one bit at a time.

Nikunj Gupta

Backend Developer

Nikunj is proficient in the field of blockchain technology and took care of the backend services that are being used by

Ayush Agarwal

Mobile App Developer

Proficient in heuristics and it's application in multiple subjects, Ayush took care of formulating the visualizer and studying the sensory data.

Mansi Agarwal

Mobile App Developer

Mansi is proficient in the field of UI/UX develoopment with experience in creating multiple Android apps over her 2 years of experience in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A simple imagination of our project will make you think of big camera bumps everywhere on the car for the 360 degree view. We assure you that car will still look as pleasing as they currently are, after all, companies like Rolls Royce itself utilizes a 360 degree* camera setup.

We would be really glad if we could accomplish such a feat. We, however, only ease the process of insurance claiming and bring transparency such that both the claimer and the Bank can meet in the middle ground and settle the claims. This itself will reduce the expenditure and the loss incurred from both claimers and Bank's end significantly.

An accident detection leads to immediate transfer of data to the servers and to the blockchain network. Moreover, we keep the data stored locally as well in case of a critical damage situation. If that was not enough, we're already looking at distributed storage solutions where car systems act as peers and interact. We unfortunately could not find one that met our expectations during the build phase but that does not stop us from exploring the field.

Tech Stack

We make use of a diverse tech stack to achieve the goals we envision.

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